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Fees, Costs, & Other Money Related QuestionsFee & Cost Questions

For your convenience, we’ve listed the questions most frequently asked by our clients relating to “Fees, Costs, & Other Money Related Questions”. If you still have something that needs answering, we’re just an email or phone call away!

How much does a live-in nanny cost?

If you have two or more children, a live-in nanny will cost you less than your total daycare fees. However, even if you have just one child, you’ll find that a live-in nanny’s fees are exceptionally cost effective when you consider the additional time savings you can benefit from (meal preparation, housekeeping, minding pets or the convenience of childcare at home – no need to pack up and drive your child to and from a daycare each day).

Here’s a table with guidelines on the average weekly cost to hire a live-in caregiver:

Province Prevailing Wage Range Standard Hours/Week Approximate Gross Pay  Approximate CPP Approximate EI Approximate Weekly Cost
Alberta $10.25 – $11.00 44 $484.00 <$21.00 <$13.00 $518.00 or less
Ontario $11.00-$12.26 40 $490.40 <$21.00 <$13.00 $424.40 or less
Saskatchewan $11.27 – $12.50 40 $500.00 <$22.00 <$14.00 $536.00 or less
Newfoundland $10.25 – $11.00 40 $440.00 <$19.00 <$12.00 $471.00 or less
Nova Scotia $12.00 40 $480.00 <$21.00 <$13.00 $514.00 or less
PEI $11.00 48 $528.00 <$23.00 <$14.00 $565.00 or less
New Brunswick $11.00- $11.44 40 $457.60 <$20.00 <$13.00 $490.60 or less
Nunavut  $16.00  40  $640.00  <$29.00  <$21.00  $686.00 or less

Based on most recent payroll period calculations, March 1, 2015, table subject to change.

How much is your service fee?

All consultations with Apple Nannies are free and without obligation. You can browse profiles, ask questions, and take advantage of our needs assessment so we can refer individually selected nannies. When we’ve done our job and you’re ready to start interviewing nannies our service fee will apply which is tax-deductible and includes our valuable service guarantee.

Do you ever offer refunds? What is your service guarantee?

Apple-Nannies-GuaranteeYes – when you’re ready to hire your nanny we will provide and review our refund and guarantee policy so you can hire a caregiver with confidence.

Are there additional costs involved in hiring a live-in caregiver?

Yes. Changes to the Live-in Caregiver Program Effective April 1, 2010, state that all employers wishing to hire foreign live-in caregivers must cover the following costs:

Health Insurance
Employers of foreign live-in caregivers are now responsible for paying for their caregiver’s health insurance at no cost to the caregiver until he/she becomes eligible for provincial health coverage. Employers are not permitted to recoup these costs from live-in caregivers.

Workplace Safety
Employers of foreign live-in caregivers are now required to enrol their caregivers in provincial workplace safety insurance (also known as worker’s compensation) or comparable insurance if the former is not available. This must be done at no cost to the caregiver. Employers are not permitted to recoup these costs from live-in caregivers.

Recruitment and Third Party Fees
Employers who wish to use a recruitment agency or third party agency to hire a foreign live-in caregiver must pay for all the services provided by the agency or third party, and must pay all fees and costs associated with such a recruitment or third party agency. Employers are not permitted to recoup recruitment fees or other costs associated with the use of such an agency or third party from the caregivers.

Transportation costs
Employers of foreign live-in caregivers are required to pay the transportation costs for bringing their caregivers to Canada. In the instance where foreign caregivers are already in Canada, employers are responsible for paying to relocate them to the location of work (where caregiving will take place) at no cost to the caregiver.

Is minimum wage a fair rate? Will that include all household duties like light cleaning?

Minimum wages in Canada (in Canadian dollars) are generally higher than standard wages for the same work in our nannies’ respective countries in their respective currencies. You are, of course, free to offer more than minimum wage if you see fit. The exact pay and the specific responsibilities you’d like your nanny hired for will be part of the employment contract that we will help to negotiate.

I’ll likely need a nanny who can work more than 40 hours a week. How will that work?

Nannies will need to be paid for the exact hours they work. If you foresee a set number of hours or have a schedule in mind, this should be included in your offer of employment (we can help you with this). If your nanny works a set amount of hours beyond the standard 40-hour work week (this number differs from province to province – we can provide you with that info, too), your nanny will qualify for overtime pay, which by law is 1.5 times the hourly rate.

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