Monday, September 28th, 2020

Hired! Elyn C. – Nanny with Educational Background & Outstanding Work Ethic!

Nanny PhotoRead Dear Family Letter Elyn is the youngest of 10 children and no stranger to hard work.  She grew up on a farm where she helped to raise pigs and chickens. For extra money, Elyn helped the neighbours clear their fields for planting and even helped to harvest rice and corn. To earn money to attend college for teaching Secondary Education, Elyn worked part-time as a nanny and part-time as a server at the local pizza place. While in college, Elyn even sold Avon products to help pay for school fees and projects. She is truly industrious! If you’re looking for a nanny that will be a positive role model that teaches your children about ambition and the value of hard work, Elyn is the nanny for you.  For the past five years Elyn has been caring for children from newborn to kindergarten age.  She loves to draw, colour, play nursery rhyme games, go the park or beach and play sports with the children.  She is an effective household manager too. Elyn would love the opportunity to come to Canada to earn money to create a better future for her daughter. Will you be the family to help her achieve her goal?
Age: 34 years old
Current Location: Hong Kong
Background: Filipino
Family Status: Single
Education: Bachelor Of Science In Secondary Education
Years of Childcare Experience: 5 years
Years of Eldercare Experience: 0 years
Can provide care for: 1 to 3 children
Experience with Children aged: Newborns, Infants (2-11 months), Toddlers (1-3yrs), Kindergarten (4-5)
Childcare Experience: Change diapers, bathe, dress & feed children, prepare children for sleep, read to children, organize activities (arts & crafts, games, and outings), help with homework, take dependents to and from appointments, discipline children according to the methods requested by the parents
Special Needs Experience: none
Household Experience: Prepare & serve meals, shop for food & household supplies, wash, iron & press clothing, perform housekeeping & cleaning duties.
Ability to drive: No, but willing to learn
Ability to swim: Yes
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