Tuesday, September 29th, 2020

Hired! Mary Jane E. – Nursing Graduate with a Love of Music and the Outdoors!

Nanny PhotoRead Dear Family Letter With a Bachelor of Science in Nursing, Mary Jane thought she would be well equipped to find employment in her country, but economic conditions proved otherwise. As a result, Mary Jane decided to help support her three children by working abroad as a nanny in Hong Kong. Mary Jane describes herself as hardworking, flexible, honest and most of all patient. She loves being around and caring for children. She says that being a nanny in Hong Kong has been a blessing for her, but she’d be ever-so-grateful for the opportunity to come work in “beautiful” Canada. If you’re wondering about compatibility with your family – know that Mary Jane loves being energized by music and the serenity of being outdoors. Long walks, hiking and biking are some of her favourite pastimes. Hopefully your children will enjoy some of these activities too.
Age: 40 years old
Current Location: Hong Kong
Background: Filipino
Family Status: Married
Education: Bachelor of Science in Nursing
Years of Childcare Experience: 10+ years
Years of Eldercare Experience: 0 years
Can provide care for: 1 to 3 children
Experience with Children aged: Newborns, Infants (2-11 months), Toddlers (1-3yrs), Kindergarten (4-5), School Age (6-12)
Childcare Experience: Change diapers, bathe, dress & feed children, prepare children for sleep, read to children, organize activities (arts & crafts, games, and outings), help with homework, take dependents to and from appointments, discipline children according to the methods requested by the parents
Special Needs Experience: none
Household Experience: Prepare & serve meals, shop for food & household supplies, wash, iron & press clothing, perform housekeeping & cleaning duties.
Ability to drive: No, but willing to learn
Ability to swim: No
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