Tuesday, September 29th, 2020

Live-in Nanny vs. Live-out Nanny vs. Daycare: What’s the best?

For every family, there’s an ideal situation. For many people, a live-in nanny can provide the very best of advantages. Do any of these scenarios hit home with you?Childcare Comparison Illustration

Asterisk IconYour nanny’s commute time is about five seconds long…

Imagine this: You’re running around, getting ready to head to work where you have a presentation first thing that morning. You’re going through your checklist of to-dos: Hair and make-up – check. Suit – check. Laptop – check. A bagel to eat on the road – check. Nanny – ch … er, wait. No, no check! You need to get out of there in about five minutes and your otherwise dependable nanny isn’t at your place yet. You see a missed call on your cell phone – and your heart sinks a bit – it’s her, from about 15 minutes ago. Traffic, a car that won’t start, an emergency at home, her own kids are sick … these are all unfortunate events that can happen to anyone – even a terrific nanny. Unless, of course, she has her own suite in your home. Just saying.

Asterisk IconIf work runs late, you won’t face the wrath (and fine) of an irritated daycare provider…

As much as we try to make it happen, we can’t always punch-in and punch-out out of work at a set time everyday. Whether it’s a meeting that drags late or a last minute emergency e-mail that throws a wrench in your plans – there are days when getting out of the office on time to pick up your children or getting home to relieve the nanny that has to get home herself is a major feat. And when life happens, like getting stuck in traffic, being charged $1 for every minute you’re late by your daycare is just the cherry on top of that stress-ball sundae. With a live-in nanny, if you or your spouse gets home a touch late, it’s no emergency. In fact, if your business hours generally are a little later than the norm, you and your nanny can set the workday accordingly.

Asterisk IconThe time you’d spend getting your kid ready and to daycare could be spent at the gym…

Or sleeping in. Whichever. We won’t judge.

Asterisk IconYour shy, cough-prone child gets one-on-one attention from a caregiver, not a cold bug…

Daycares provide some great opportunities for early socialization – and for the runny noses and various illnesses to make the rounds, too. Plus, with some daycares stretched to the max, well-meaning providers can’t always give your children the special nurturing time they might personally need. Nannies can give your kids great one-on-one attention while also balancing their time with playdates and activities you’ve arranged.

Asterisk IconYou both work so you can enjoy two incomes, not so one income can get devoured by daycare costs…

We’ve had friends who went the daycare route only to discover that once all was said and done, the total costs were just $300 short of the wife’s monthly take home. Yarg – what’s the point? If you have more than one child in daycare, the fees of a live-in nanny will be less than what you’re paying and you’ll be getting far more (value, services, quality of life) for your money.

Asterisk IconDid we mention the part about helping around the home?

We did? Well, it’s a biggie so we’re saying it again. You can negotiate a number of simple (but priceless!) household chores that can be incorporated in your nanny’s day. Walking in and not being greeted by an explosion of toys, dirty dishes and a ‘present’ from an impatient dog does wonders for the psyche. Trust us.

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