Tuesday, September 29th, 2020

The Benefits of Hiring a Nanny

Tick IconAn experienced and trusted live-in nanny can provide first-rate care for your children or elders in your home

Tick IconBe available at flexible times based around your schedule

Tick IconAssist in simple housekeeping

Tick IconCan help out with errands and even get dinner started for you

Tick IconAnd all for an affordable, tax-deductible price that is less than the cost to have two children in daycare.

Before and After Illustration of Life With and Without a Live-in NannyWe’re going to let you in on a secret we learned from our clients…

You know those people who seemingly have it all? They’re the ones who have flourishing careers, the cheerful and well-adjusted children, the comfortable income, the healthy marriage, the tidy home and the time to go the gym, do a bit of shopping and – gasp – have a social life? Yah, those jerks? Well, the secret is, is that while they may seem to have it all, they don’t do it all. They’re everyday people who have decided to hire qualified professionals to help manage and juggle various responsibilities in order to have a happier home life.

Make no mistake, it still takes work, but Apple Nannies can be a partner to help make your goals more achievable and your life more balanced.

Why should you hire a nanny? In short, to provide excellent, cost-effective care for your loved ones while freeing up quality time everyone in your family can benefit from.

What’s next?

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