Monday, September 28th, 2020

HIRED! Danrive V. – Outdoorsy Nanny with a Passion for Working with Children

Nanny PhotoRead Dear Family Letter Danrive’s outgoing personality and fun-loving nature can win anyone over. Her sunny disposition and positive outlook on life are refreshing.  Danrive believes that children are great teachers and they are not to be underestimated.  She loves playing with them; whether it be indoors or out.  In her mind sports, games, dancing, role playing can be played anywhere.  Danrive prides herself on being highly adaptable, organized and quick to learn.  She is eager to come to Canada to work for a family that will appreciate her as a nanny and a friend.
Age: 30 years old
Current Location: Hong Kong
Background: Filipino
Family Status: Single
Education: Customs Administration
Years of Childcare Experience: 4 years
 Years of Eldercare Experience: 0 years
Can provide care for: 1 to 3 children
Experience with Children aged: Toddlers (1-3yrs), Kindergarten (4-5), School Aged (6+)
Childcare Experience: Change diapers, bathe, dress & feed children, prepare children for sleep, read to children, organize activities (arts & crafts, games, and outings), help with homework, take children to and from school/appointments, discipline children according to the methods requested by the parents
Special Needs Experience: none
Household Experience: Prepare & serve meals, shop for food & household supplies, wash, iron & press clothing, perform housekeeping & cleaning duties.
Ability to drive: No, but willing to learn
Ability to swim: No
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