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5 Great Reasons to Trust Apple Nannies to Work With You!

We care deeply about the happiness and well-being of our clients, their families and the nannies – and it shows in every way and every step of the process. Here’s 5 great reasons why Apple Nannies stands out from other agencies:

5 Reasons to Hire Apple Nannies Written on a ChalkboardAsterisk IconWe’ve Been in Your Shoes

You know that stress you’re dealing with (or the stress you’re hoping to avoid once mat leave is over)? And the concerns you have over getting a nanny? We know all about it. You can talk honestly with us and you’ll get judgement-free advice, information and services that match your needs and comfort level. How do we know what it’s like? Tell us when this stops sounding familiar:

Apple Nannies Agency co-founder, Andrea, was attempting to do the great juggling act – trying to balance work, kids, her relationship with her husband, getting the house in order and serving up healthy meals (and what about friends, going to yoga or time to herself? Forget it). Balls were starting to drop and Andrea’s stress level was at an all-time high.

While the decision to hire a live-in nanny was a tough one for her (guilt of not being able to do it all herself, worry over finding the right person, concerns of how to deal with a new family member), Andrea couldn’t believe the difference in her and her family’s life when Faith – an amazing nanny new to Canada – came to the rescue. For the first time in a long time, Andrea had some breathing room – and she soon discovered that this helped her to become a better colleague at work, a better friend, a better wife and a better mother.

She was so impressed with the opportunities afforded by a live-in nanny that Andrea connected with Natalie and together they went on to co-found a company to help other people like them – Apple Nannies was born! (You can read more about this in Our Story section.

Asterisk IconWe’re Specialists

Apple Nannies focuses exclusively on matching Canadian families with live-in nannies through the Canadian Live-in Caregiver Program (LCP). Since opening our doors in December 2006, we’ve helped nearly 300 families find their live-in nanny. Because of this, we know how the LCP works, inside and out. Additionally, we understand the concerns Canadian families have as they go through the process – there’s nothing you’re wondering about that we haven’t heard before – so ask! We’ll pave the way and make this process as smooth and rewarding as possible.

If you’re not familiar with the LCP, let us give you the scoop on it on our Questions page. The program is not only great for Canadians who are looking for trustworthy, affordable caregivers but also for talented, hardworking people hoping to make a new life in our country!

Asterisk IconWe’re Obsessed With Integrity and Finding the Right Fit

We can’t think of a job that is more important than that of a caregiver of our children or parents. Because of that, we have a highly in-depth screening process for all of our nanny candidates. We review personalities, medical records and educational and employment references – often through the cooperation of consulates and embassies. Anal? Probably. Necessary? Absolutely. In short, if we don’t think a nanny would be fit to mind our own children or elders, they’re not fit to be Apple Nannies.

As you know, there’s more to a great nanny than someone who is experienced, trustworthy and capable of the job. They also need to click with you and your family – and vice versa. At Apple Nannies, we view ourselves as matchmakers who work closely with you to find the best fit – and you’re not charged anything until you’re ready to make an offer to the right nanny. We make it a priority to communicate and set your expectations with your selected nanny to ensure your family’s dynamic is completely understood. Plus, in the unlikely event your chosen nanny doesn’t work out, we’ll help you find someone better suited – for free (see our guarantee).

Asterisk IconWe’re Always Accessible

Our agency is there at the beginning, through all the interviews and paperwork, when your nanny moves in, and we even stick around once everyone is settled – as long as you have your nanny, we’ll be there (in a non-annoying, non-creepy way, we swear!). The point is that we’re committed to you and your family and we take our role as a partner in finding your ideal nanny seriously.

We also don’t keep typical office hours at Apple Nannies – so that means you’re welcome to call or e-mail us evenings, weekends and even the occasional holiday (but we call dibs on Valentine’s Day – any day that encourages the mass consumption of chocolate is a sacred time for us).

Asterisk IconWe Provide High Value at a Low Cost

For the service you get, our fees are a deal. We offer intensive screenings, high-level evaluations of your needs, priceless expertise in expediting your nanny placement on an international level – and all with a service guarantee (and a smile! Can’t forget the smile!). Our key goal isn’t to rake in money, it’s to see fellow moms and families achieve the kind of balance and happiness that an Apple Nanny can bring them while simultaneously helping individuals around the world achieve their dreams of living in Canada.

So, have we won you over?

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